Nov 17, 2017


Hiya folks.  I fought the crowds for more gifts today (at JCP and Kohls - all we have left) and stopped at Kraynak's which I've mentioned before.  Our local garden center and gift shop turns into Christmas land every fall.  I don't know if you have such a devoted holiday shop in your area, but the amount of decorations and ornaments and trees they offer is really something.  But, they do not have the feather style!  Just thought I would show you a glimpse (from a $5 phone) of trees (some almost $2000) and row after row of wreaths, snowmen, santas, ribbons, stockings, and almost anything you'd want.  Except feather trees or primitive ornaments.  Of course.  Their Christmas Tree Lane takes a path down a hallway of decorated trees and animated displays.  The lines on the weekend extend outside the building.
Here 'ya go, this is Kraynak's in Hermitage PA.  The first greenhouse of lights and collectibles, gadgets and candles,  novelty light strings and ceramics, is not shown.  Neither is the second greenhouse filled with succulents, poinsettias, and something flowering of which I have no knowledge.  The front and main store is gifts and tons of toys, especially trains and sets of all kinds.  You can see some of those areas on their website here.


These are really beautiful in person, many angels too, specific for family members or special people.

Beautiful bulbs from cute to exquisite, loads of baby's first Christmas, but nothing for me!
I'm going back tomorrow to get a few of the outdoor lighted wire trees for Carole. 
Sorry if I bored you, but for my area, a visit to Kraynak's is a holiday tradition for most.  Almost impossible to see everything in one visit. 

Nov 16, 2017


Chums part II is traveling home to Chrie.  Hey Chrie!  You're no-reply so please contact me with your address.  There was an entry from Cherie, but Random fell on Chrie.  Just wanted to clarify!  There were quite a few email entries to add into the comment names but I got them all and want to thank everyone for participating. 
Hope you're all having a nice evening.  I'm spending mine with Sam and Dean.


 So sad to read of Nancy Zieman's passing.  I watched Sewing with Nancy for many years.  Her touching note about her illness and sudden retirement to followers and admiring fans was posted to her blog in September.  We will miss you Nancy.

What I'm stitching..
Prairie Schooler #36 but only three of the designs.  Because of being sick for 3 weeks I never got around to listing all the PS books on Ebay.   Since I have duplicates of several Santa leaflets I will keep a few for myself. 
I had a doc appointment at 4:00, Mark was golfing (unless it snows, they golf) and I was just putzing around the quiet house.  We don't have a wall clock, I use the stove's digital.  As I passed and saw the time, I realized how late I was and grabbed my keys.  Once in the car, I wondered why the dashboard was reading 2:10.  ???  It was the same on my $5 phone.  So back into the house I go.  The 350 I saw was not the time, it was the oven temp for the cake I put in a half hour before. 
Last chance to enter Chums part II!  Make sure your comment is on the prior post, not this one, or an email (postcard top right).

Have a good day folks.

Thanks for visiting.


Nov 15, 2017

Chums part II

Yep.  I stitched two, gave one in gratitude, now giving one in celebration.  Although I certainly trust a CT, there is still a little anxiety in the back of my noggin which I'm sure will fade.
A tiny little lavender stuffed pillow. This time, it's voluntary!  Leave your name or initials if anonymous, I will notify the recipient in a post. Entries close Thursday evening 11/16 at 8pm EST.

We went to Jimmy's Italian market for good ricotta and pecorino romano and Meander Hill to see their Christmas wares. They once again have the 72" and 50" skimpy trees.  They mimic feather trees, single branches are fairly stiff with longer needles from the main trunk.   Perfect for loading with stitchery or family heirlooms.  The ornaments become the focus, hanging freely without lights and dense foliage.  I think Kraynak's have this one or similar and I will check it out this week.
Photos from my $5 cell phone - sorry!

A photo of the tree from last year, better than mine, is here.  They will ship if you can't find that style of tree near you.  $50 for 50" and $75 for 72" plus shipping.   All their contact info is on that link to their Facebook page.  Decorating was the last thing on my mind recently, but I am looking forward to getting the little trees out now.  I'm always asked where I find those feather style trees so I try to post any source that I know is willing to ship.  Click here to see some of their shop, all photos will enlarge.  They had huge mostly silver/rusty jingle bells (maybe 8" and 10" across) hanging from beams and I LOVED them but don't know where they would hang.  A covered porch ceiling - perfect!  Maybe a little hook in the ceiling for over the kitchen sink.  Hmm.  I-80 is an absolute mess with construction but I may have to go back!
Such a wonderful shop complete with original beams and charm.  This is on the second floor.
My favorite room on the main floor of this very large barn/shop.

High quality, DR Dimes, lighting, textiles, and smalls.  I so enjoyed our visit.
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Nov 14, 2017

Good news

Hello everyone.  After my CT scan this morning in prep for the PET scan, a huge discrepancy was found.   Radiologist #1 that reported a 2cm x 2cm mass and recommended the PET, saw something that radiologist #2 did not.  It is a 5mm nodule.  5MM NODULE not 2CM MASS.  No further testing is needed and I am in the clear.  Whew.  I guess this is why a CT is done before a PET!   Fifteen years ago they said I had cancer and after the hysterectomy, they found none, so it's not the first time I am relieved after much anxiety and a drastic discrepancy.
Thank you all for those prayers and good thoughts! 

Nov 13, 2017


EDIT - I received an email from someone saying they got an email from me telling them they won Chums.  They are no-reply so I could not have sent it, there is no record in my sent file, and I am concerned about a hacking.  If any of you have received an email from me recently or a notification of winning Chums, please let me know by clicking the postcard on the top right. 

Dear Mindy,

Your comment matched the number drawn by Random for the tiny Chums.  Please email me with your address.  Since this was not a voluntary entry for a giveaway, if you would prefer not to receive it, don't like primitives, or the smell of lavender, I will not be offended!

Am I the only one that goes into a new Dollar Tree and leaves with tons of things she doesn't need, just because "it's only $1"?  I don't visit those stores often but wanted to grab Christmas wallet cards and a few sympathy cards to have on hand.  But I made the mistake of walking a few aisles and found plastic bins and baskets and notepads and pens and trail mix and figs and hotpads and spatulas and Pirouline sticks and foil containers and peanut butter filled pretzels and  .... well, you get the idea.

Thanks again for your encouraging words, good wishes, and prayers. 
Nitzy is doing better even though there are more bright pink amoxicillin drops on my walls than down his throat.
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